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Final Expense Insurance

                                                   Final Expense Planning OptionsUnless you or your heirs are wealthy, some sort of insurance or legal protection is a necessity.The cost of long term care and home based care, which are NOT paid for by Medicare, is usually the beginning of a financial meltdown ending in government mandated poverty required for MediCal eligibility.  Pre-plan and avoid becoming a burden to your heirs and instead leave behind a legacy.1.)    Plan ahead for Long Term Care (LTC) expense.  Recent programs allow for a simple repositioning of assets to multiply your resources many times over to take care of these expenses.  Also, programs exist that allow life insurance death benefits to me accessed early to pay for LTC.  Go to my LTC page for more details.   2.)    Set aside funds to pay for the funeral.  Funeral Homes want payment immediately, but your financial institution will freeze your accounts until a death certificate is provided, which takes several weeks.  Instead, place funds in a Funeral Trust which pays the Funeral Home within 24 hours and requires no death certificate.  Money in a Funeral Trust is safe from MediCal spend down, nursing homes, creditors, lawsuits and probate too.  Set up of the Trust is free.  Scroll down to the Funeral Trust section for more details.  3.)    Contribute to #1 or #2 above for just pennies on the dollar.  Having assets is not required to fund the cost of your funeral.  Final Expense insurance is affordable and no health exam is needed.  Please ask me for a personalized quote!  Scroll down for brochures! 4.)    Have the details of your funeral written and stored so your heirs are not faced with so many decisions during such a difficult time.  24 hour end of life planning, guidance, and assistance.  Bereavement travel assistance and other survivor support service is included.  This is called Legacy Safeguard, and membership is free with a Funeral Trust or with a Monumental Life Insurance Plan.  Remember, the Trust is free as well.  All you need to do is re-allocate some money into the Trust.  Scroll down for brochure.
                                           Final Expense Insurance

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Policies are simplified issue, meaning no medical exam is required and most health problems are not a factor in obtaining coverage.  Even a small policy will lighten the load of final expenses your heirs need to pay.

Baltimore Life - Super easy and paperless telephone application and in most cases approval is granted while on the call.

Baltimore Brochure - In business since 1882!

Baltimore Planner - Organizer

Final Expenses - Outline of costs and solution

  Transamerica Final Expense plan

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Surprisingly affordable...a $5,000 policy is less than $50 per month for most people.  Here is an idea of what you can get for about a hundred bucks and a quick one page application:

Male age 60, $25,000 is $105.12 per month
Female age 65, $25,000 is $100.57 per month
Male age 70, $15,000 is $112.31 per month
Female age 75, 15,000 is $107.48 per month
Male age 80, $8,000 is $102.88 per month
Female age 85, $8,000 is $104.41 per month

                                               Funeral Trust
  Legacy is a FREE service!
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 Legacy Safeguard Brochure

Without Long Term Care insurance, MediCal spend down is all too possible unless you are wealthy.  Even placing your life insurance policies in jeopardy.  To absolutely insure that your survivors don't end up with your funeral bill, a simple Funeral Trust should be created.  Remember, even if you do have assets, payment usually requires a death certificate...the funeral home wants payment immediately.  A Funeral Trust is essential!  Here are the highlights:

Funds are protected from creditors, such as nursing homes, hospitals, lawyers, credit card companies, and most importantly...MediCal.

Funds are excluded from the countable assets used for Medicaid & SSI qualification

Most states allow funding of up to $15,000 into the funeral trust.

Annual 2% interest credit.

There is NO fee for the trust.

Portable to any funeral home in the country.

Benefits paid out income tax free.

Funds are  paid immediately to the funeral home with the excess going to the estate, no death certificate required. 

The trust is very easy to understand, and the paperwork is just two pages.  All you need to do is transfer funds.  We set you up with the Trust and the Legacy Safeguard membership at no cost.

One  source of funds could be an old paid up life insurance policy.  Values under $15,000 could be transferred tax free by using a 1035 exchange.  This would save the policy from a MediCal mandated liquidation.

Another option is to take a withdrawal from an existing annuity to fund the Trust

Funeral Trust Seminar Presentation

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Dignity Planning service

A single 75 year old woman with $650,000 net worth asked an estate planning attorney what should be done to mitigate the expenses of the estate and pass the maximum amount of wealth on to her heirs: here is the summary page right from the book.  Funeral Trust in the top three!

Medicaid Planning Presentation

Medicaid and Funeral Planning Brochure

Funeral Trust Brochure

This classic skit from the Jack Paar show is funny...but unfortunately based on exaggerated truth.  It really points out why insurance in necessary and why pre-planning and a Funeral Trust are now so popular:

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